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Wanna Play With me? Fantasy Colouring Book Series for Adults and Teenager

Illustrated by Lysandra Darklace and Tamsin Farbenfroh

Wanna Play with me? Coloring Book series for adults
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Welcome to the “Wanna Play With Me?” series, a collection that melds the charming and the eerie, where Kawaii Chibi dolls and their fantastical companions come to life across the pages, awaiting the touch of your creative essence. Each book in this unique series unveils a new chapter in this mesmerizing world where the cute meets the creepy, designed to offer a splendid canvas that caters to novice and seasoned artists alike.

In every edition, explore 50 unique illustrations, a meticulously crafted blend of endearing and unsettling, each embodying a narrative, a mystique, inviting you to a dance of color and emotion. These art pieces are a playground where innocence intertwines with a shadow, presenting a coloring experience that soothes the soul and ignites the imagination.

The Wanna Play With Me? Fantasy colouring book series for adults and teenagers includes:

  • Creepy Dolls

  • Creepy Teddies

  • Creepy Giraffes

  • Creepy Pets

Series Highlights:

  • A Diverse Ensemble: Each volume reveals new characters and themes – from whimsical dolls and tender teddies to enigmatic giraffes and pets, each adorned with eerie elegance, creating a world as charming as it is mysterious.

  • Quality and Detail: Every illustration is a result of intricate artistry, promising hours of immersion, and the joy of bringing to life characters that leap from the page, echoing the dance of light and shadow.

  • A Journey for All: The “Wanna Play With Me?” series is an invitation – a gateway to a world where every stroke of color unveils deeper layers of narrative, making it a delightful addition to the collection of budding and experienced artists.

  • Themes of Duality: Nestled within the soft, intricate lines and tender designs, there lies a touch of the enigmatic, offering a coloring journey that is as therapeutic as it is stimulating, inviting reflection and exploration.

What's included in each book:

  • 50 meticulous, large-scale illustrations for a peerless coloring experience.

  • Single-sided prints to circumvent bleed-through.

  • Versatile for a spectrum of mediums, from colored pencils to fine liners and pastels.

  • An exclusive Test Your Colors page composed of white and grayscale tiles.

  • A commodious 8.25 × 11-inch format ensuring user-friendliness.

Embark upon this intriguing journey where every page turned, and every color laid is a step deeper into a world where the borders between the delightful and the disconcerting blur. The “Wanna Play With Me?” series is not just a collection of fantasy coloring books; it’s a narrative, a dance of imagery and color, where the cute and creepy waltz in an eternal dance, and every stroke of color is a note in their enigmatic symphony.

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Creepy Dolls colouring books for adults
Creepy Pets colouring books for adults

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