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101 Manga Princesses: Colouring Book for Teenagers and Adults

Illustrated by Aurora Brushwell and Tamsin Farbenfroh

101 Manga Princesses Book Cover
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Discover the captivating world of manga with 101 Manga Princesses, a manga colouring book for adults and teenagers that will unleash your inner artist. Through a variety of intricate, detailed, and superior-quality illustrations, this book invites you to explore your creative potential and find relaxation and solace.

101 Manga Princesses is not only a colouring book, but a treasure trove for artistic exploration for both beginners and enthusiasts.


  • Ignite creativity and explore new artistic horizons with 101 unique manga princess greyscale illustrations

  • Perfect for all skill levels, allowing you to push your artistic limits without pressure or constraints

  • Reduce stress and anxiety with a therapeutic form of art, scientifically recognized for its calming effects

  • Improve fine motor skills, concentration, and artistic techniques while immersing in this inspiring art form

  • A beautiful and ideal gift for manga enthusiasts and budding artists

What's included:

  • 101 large-scale illustrations, printed on one side to avoid ink bleeding to the following page

  • Index of all 101 illustrations

  • Test Your Colours page with various shaded tiles to experiment with different mediums and techniques, available to cut out as a future reference

Unlock your creative passion and dive into the mesmerizing world of manga princesses. Enjoy the benefits of creativity, relaxation, and mindfulness with 101 Manga Princesses.

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