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Colouring is my therapy: Crayons, calm, and the occasionally crossed line

by Katja D'Arte

Katja D'Arte | Colouring book illustrator by Artful Aura

Hey there, you crayon-craving grown-up! Do you remember those innocent days when you couldn’t stay inside the lines, and your drawing ended up looking like a Picasso on a sugar rush? Well, guess what? It’s time to revive that wild artistic spirit! But this time, it’s more than just unleashing your inner toddler’s doodling desires. Colouring is the new yoga for the mind. Minus the awkward poses.

1. Yes, adults can colour too (and not just their hair!)

First things first: Throw that misconception out of the window that says colouring is just for kids. Sure, they have their adorable unicorn colouring books, but we have intricate mandalas and whimsical, chibi or kawaii illustrations. Adults get to colour the stress away and pretend to be fancy artists at the same time. Talk about multitasking!

2. Why colouring is the bee’s knees for stress

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt like flinging your coffee at the wall? Before the coffee becomes a projectile, try colouring. Research (yes, smarty-pants scientists study this stuff) says colouring calms the brain. It’s like giving your mind a mini-vacation without the pesky sunburn.

3. Get those creative juices flowing

Even if the last thing you drew was a stickman during that dreadfully dull conference call, colouring could awaken your dormant Da Vinci. Before you know it, you’ll be blending, shading, and creating masterpieces that could make the refrigerator gallery.

4. Emotional rollercoaster? More like an emotional colour palette

Are you having a meltdown because Netflix is down or because you can’t find a matching sock? Grab those coloured pencils! The way you choose and blend colours can reflect and influence your mood. Feeling blue? Colour some sunny yellows and watch your mood perk up like a plant in sunlight.

5. The Zen of being in the ‘Now’

Colouring is mindfulness in disguise. While colouring that ridiculously detailed paisley pattern, you’re in the moment, not stressing about tomorrow’s date or that embarrassing thing you said three years ago.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Inner Artist (and Child)

Alright, all you young souls with a sprinkle of maturity, next time you’re feeling the weight of adulthood, remember: Colouring is not just child’s play. It’s therapeutic, fun, and doesn’t require any WiFi. Plus, if you accidentally go outside the lines, who cares? That’s what erasers (and life mulligans) are for.

P.S. Don’t forget to share your misshapen masterpieces and artistic accidents with the world. Or, at least, with your cat. They’re a very supportive audience, especially if treats are involved.

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